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In his previous life, Wei Wuxian was a man hated by thousands, notorious and infamous before he was ambushed and defeated by the shidi he had protected all his life. He had once lived without a care, but now in death, his body was broken and lost.

As the Founder of Diabolism who had once left trails of bloodshed in his wake, he was reborn… into an idiot. A useless cutsleeve on top of that, who was reviled by many.

“If I think everyone’s crazy, then everyone must think I’m crazy too.

“But with the Path of Ghosts — even if you have armies of thousands, are ruthless beyond measure, or have the heroes of the land on your side — you’ll still be controlled by me, crushed to dirt in my hands. Everything and everyone will be for me to use as I desire!”

Mo Dao Zu Shi (魔道祖师) is a danmei novel, originally written and published by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (墨香铜臭). It started as a serialized webnovel, but since then has expanded into a comic (漫画), animated series (动漫), mobile game, and a Netflix drama, The Untamed (陈情令).

Our English translation for the title is “The Founder of Diabolism,” but with respect to the novel and the popularization of the series, we largely refer to it as MDZS/Mo Dao Zu Shi on this site.

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Bun (she/her) is a Chinese American/Singaporean dumpling that achieved a human form through cultivation. She edits for a living and apparently in her free time too. 华语一点, sometimes she translates. You can find her on Twitter and AO3.

Hui (she/her) is a Chinese-Malaysian who writes for a living and has had formal Chinese education for most of her formative years. She can also be commissioned as a Chinese cultural sensitivity and beta reader for fandom. She likes to pinball around her many projects and deconstruct and reconstruct things for fun, both literally and metaphorically. You can find her on Twitter, Tumblr, and Ao3.

Arrow (she/her) is a Chinese-American with not nearly enough time on her hands. She has spent most of her life writing creatively in English and previously studied as an undergraduate Creative Writing major for a few years. Nowadays she studies computer science and builds websites. She still writes fanfic, though. You can find her on Twitter, AO3, and her main website.

Soppi (any pronouns) is a Chinese-Singaporean mysterious abyss who moonlights as a digital artist. They’re a big fan of the xuanhuan genre, and often use the Chinese they learnt to trawl through the ocean of mandarin fiction online. All the art used on this website is theirs as well! You can find them on Tumblr, Twitter, and their Carrd.

Euro (they/them) is a Mandarin-English translator who likes to draw, write, and shitpost in their free time. Boop them on Tumblr, Twitter, and AO3.