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前世的魏无羡万人唾骂,声名狼藉。 被护持一生的师弟带人端了老巢, 纵横一世,死无全尸。

曾掀起腥风血雨的一代魔道祖师,重生成了一个…… 脑残。 还特么是个人人喊打的断袖脑残!


但修鬼道不修仙,任你千军万马,十方恶霸,九州奇侠,高岭之花, 但凡化为一抔黄土,统统收归旗下,为我所用,供我驱策!

In his previous life, Wei Wuxian was a man hated by thousands, notorious and infamous before he was ambushed and defeated by the shidi he had protected all his life. He had once lived without a care, but now in death, his body was broken and lost.

As the Founder of Diabolism who had once left trails of bloodshed in his wake, he was reborn… into an idiot. A useless cutsleeve on top of that, who was reviled by many.

“If I think everyone’s crazy, then everyone must think I’m crazy too.

“But with the Path of Ghosts — even if you have armies of thousands, are ruthless beyond measure, or have the heroes of the land on your side — you’ll still be controlled by me, crushed to dirt in my hands. Everything and everyone will be for me to use as I desire!”