Why are you translating MDZS?

While there are other wonderful translations, we decided to take on this project to practice our Chinese as well as English, and to create a project for something all of us care about. On top of that, we are all diaspora and want to practice our translating and localization. Also, Arrow had this website URL lying around. Might as well put it to good use.

What are your main goals and priorities when translating?

We prioritize making all the aspects of MDZS readable in creative English while also keeping faithful to the text. As you can imagine, this results in a lot of back and forth between the translators on connotative effect, idioms, and how to employ English literary theory in a translated work. Overall though, we believe that MXTX’s authorial intent comes first and will do our best to preserve that when translating and localizing.

What’s the translation process like?

Hui, Soppi, and Euro are the primary translators. Between the three of them, they decide the best way to convey the many Chinese idioms and literary references in readable English. Our annotations cover many of the references, for those wanting to learn more about the source text.

Bun and Arrow modify and localize the translations into more rhythmic creative English, with help from the translators so as to not lose any significance or meaning in the text. When the translation is approved by all five of us, then we deem it good enough to post.

Who’s running the site and contact points?

For the most part, it’s Arrow (hi!) managing the website and Twitter account due to having more free time than the others.